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The making and breaking of port kembla Essay Example for Free

The creation and breaking of port kembla Essay Territory and society are interlinked with specialist networks as new work is enlisted in regions which are industrializing. The connection among laborers and networks is accordingly not steady and stays dynamic. As industrialization occurred in the mid twentieth Century in Australia, laborers networks developed around a prevalently horticultural hinterland. These got greater every day and thus took steps to dislodge nearby networks especially the indigenous individuals who couldn't adjust to the evolving condition. The developing clash prompted formation of social organizations by laborers as associations to on the whole deal from a place of solidarity with the network. While this enabled specialist networks all in all, it had changing effects on the lives of laborers inside the network just as at the work place. The post industrialization stage where creation has been robotized and has become far less work serious has added another measurement to this relationship. By drawing upon the case of Port Kembla, the Australian steel township, Erik Eklund has effectively weaved together the verifiable account of association of the assorted powers which make a cutting edge mechanical society and how social powers empower a few associations to endure while others die for absence of flexibility. Eklund’s social history of laborers in Port Kembla suitably portrays the way wherein the average workers fits into the network, the social establishments that the laborers make to endure and prosper and the control that the laborers increase over their own lives at work and in the network all the while. Port Kembla †The Social Environment Port Kembla is a great instance of rise of a mechanical society in the midst of the structural movements that occur because of impact of numerous variables, worldwide, nearby, war, harmony and a discouraged economy. Steel speaks to the essential specialist of progress in the mechanical World. Port Kembla was the chief steel making zone in Australia, where noticeable steel producers had built up their processing plants which had developed into huge behemoths. However, steel making is considerably more than just innovation or association of work. It has numerous different features, for example, making of social classes, absorption of outside powers, concealment of indigenous powers and opposition between these. The steel business in Port Kembla experienced various changes throughout the years which thus affected the improvement of the network. Till the 1930’s the specialist network relationship was blended in with a fair impact of the casual non showcase economy and laborers networks. Anyway from that point with the development of a mechanical society the impact of class legislative issues characterized by the incredible pretended by the associations which endeavored to deal with both the networks and the laborers ruled the socio political scene of Port Kembla. Worldwide occasions, for example, the Depression, the World Wars, the worldwide Depression and post War industrialization likewise impacted network governmental issues in Port Kembla. The production of regions and their structures set up for conversation of class, territory and legislative issues. The battle pursued by the indigenous individuals, the Kooris to endure the assault of industrialization in their local land is illustrative of the enormous scope social changes in Port Kembla which prompted development of the matchless quality of the Industrial Society in the post Second World War milieu. The last stage is the post modern culture; a procedure could prompt rise of new social structures. The model of the laborers in Port Kembla gives a fruitful depict of the social history of modern culture in Australia rose throughout the years. Average workers and Overall Community Life The regular workers has risen because of industrialization which has prompted a huge assemblage of individuals cooperating in manufacturing plants. There has been no other human movement which has united such huge numbers of individuals in a single area as creation of products through a machine economy. An investigation of the bureaucratic structure, the innovation and outer elements which impacts work in production lines and the connection of the new work society which is shaped because of upgraded word related movement with the network give an intrinsic social point of view of this marvel in the modern age. The common laborers develops as a different territory inside the bigger network; it gives them a feeling of unmistakable personality. The co connection between the common laborers and the network signified is along these lines that of interdependency. Anyway this relationship sets aside a long effort to create and can't rise simply by the fake procedure of making employments. Employments are only one piece of the activity of industrialization; it is the way where the common laborers and the network homogenize with one another that denotes the comprehensive development of an industry. This exercise stands apart obviously through clear depictions of specialist networks in Port Kembla. From the filthy, dingy, dark picture of steel heaters which denoted the beginning periods of industrialization in Port Kembla, it is considered that to be the network became so did the business just as the business foundations in the city. The social changes which realized these linkages empowered an entire, â€Å"locality† of laborers to develop inside the network. Thus the effect of nearby life and tenor on the development of the modern culture gives an entrancing viewpoint. The different waves that achieved change in the business and associatively with the general public additionally should be surely known. Regardless of whether it is movement, sexual orientation mindfulness, a class battle or rethinking the personalities of local people, the average workers fits into a nearby community’s life by making of foundations for their own prosperity as associations. Laborers Social Institutions The laborers expected to make bolster foundations to endure changed sorts of weights, from business people, the downturn in the economy and loss of employments. They prevailing with regards to making satisfactory security systems to help themselves as a network. Port Kembla didn't have numerous social establishments in the underlying stages when industry was set up in the township. In this way there was a blended culture in with the foundation of Electrolytic Refining and Smelting (ERS) and Metal Manufacturers which continued with the pre modern age non formal establishments dependent on farming, fishery and chasing. Be that as it may, the development of the steel business under the initiative of BHP which built up the Australian Iron and Steel prompted making of a mechanical society. The assemblage of work in enormous numbers was certain in making of organizations by them for supporting their privileges and getting reasonable treatment. Associations were a characteristic culmination to industrialization in Port Kembla. The production of associations was a wellbeing component that gave the work working in the huge steel industrial facilities a feeling that all is well with the world. This was the underlying time of localism which before long went under danger from regionalism with the extension of the steel business connecting Kembla with Wollongong. These powers endeavored to dislodge progressively local people who had concentrated on their own ward in the city and attempted to make widely inclusive organizations. On the social side, laborers security frameworks were likewise observed to be founded on their family relationship alliance. This was more than clear in the beginning periods of relocation of networks post Second World War as an enormous number of individuals from Eastern Europe, Greece and Italy just as Vietnam and the Middle East came in to take care of the extended need of work. These anyway stayed a sub text inside the bigger content gave by the mechanical relationship of worker's guilds, which were the essential organizations for help made by laborers in Kembla. Control of Workers Within and in the Community While the laborers appear to have created sensible request in their working lives because of formation of associations, their impact inside the network was generally more vulnerable. Consequently while there was solidarity among the laborers themselves because of unionized structure of their association which was to give a security arrange, inside the general public there were numerous weights. Initially the specialist network itself was separated into countless associations, for example, the AWU, the Federated Ironworkers, the South Coast Labor Council and furthermore ideological groups as the Communist party which had a solid nearness in Port Kembla. This division maybe prompted debilitating the situation of the associations all in all in the network.

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Semiotic Advertising Texts and Strategies

Question: Examine about the Semiotic Advertising Texts and Strategies. Answer: Presentation: It has been seen that the Gen Ys acknowledge imagination and have a lot of fondness towards innovative works. This is the essential explanation that semiotic ad of any International firm would be a positive way to deal with pull in the consideration of this specific age. This is because of the explanation that the Generation feels itself to be a one of a kind class, and offer a sample of both innovativeness and innovation simultaneously (Bianchi, 2011). This has been seen on various events including the ages interest towards PC structured works of art, which unmistakably exhibits the way that so as to pick up the valuation for this age one must be inventiveness and technically knowledgeable simultaneously. This is the essential and the most imposing explanation that semiotic commercial would be sufficiently proficient to draw in the consideration of this age. In the event that deliberately examined it tends to be seen that it is in this time of age y that the careful sort of notice is seeing a recovery, the specific type of notice had increased a decent arrangement of prominence during the 60s and afterward in the coming years the work of art completely vanished (Langrehr Caywood, 2005). At that point it was with the awesome culture which guided with the appearance of the age x this specific commercial structure again came in to the situation, and at the current second with the mix of imagination and innovation has picked up the partiality of the age y. As an outcome it very well may be accepted that a notice battle concentrated on this angle will assuredly have a positive effect upon the present age. References Bianchi, C. (2011). Semiotic ways to deal with promoting writings and techniques: Narrative, energy, marketing.Semiotica,2011(183). Langrehr, F. Caywood, C. (2005). A Semiotic Approach to Determining the Sins and Virtues Portrayed in Advertising.Journal Of Current Issues Research In Advertising,17(1), 33-47.

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iPhone 4 To Arrive On Verizon In January [REPORT]

iPhone 4 To Arrive On Verizon In January [REPORT] Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!iPhone 4 To Arrive On Verizon In January [REPORT]Updated On 20/02/2016Author : Aurangzaib QumbraniTopic : Apple iPhoneShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogSo guys time now to share some interesting gossip about Apple iPhone 4s arrival on Verizon in January 2011! Rumors are finally turning into evidences that are supporting the expectations that the Apple Inc will be launching its revolutionary iPhone 4 Smartphone on Verzion in January 2010. According to the sources that are close to Apples hardware suppliers, they have said that Apple has placed orders for millions of CDMA Chipsets [Wireless Technology used by Verizon] from the Qualcomm. According to the reports from Steve Cheney [TechCrunch Contributor] who has said that the chipsets are due in December, this gives a clear view that iPhone 4s launch on Verizon is expected in January 2011! Steve Cheney has not officially disclosed about the sources for this rumor. Moreover, the January release date was previously predicted and that was being supported by an earlier report from Bloomberg Officials about the future Verizon iPhone 4.Surveys that were conducted have come-up with seriously noticeable results reporting that over a half of Verizons current customers will be throwing their current phones for getting their hands on Verizon iPhone 4! ??Looks like these predictions wont go wrong and Verizon will arrive on iPhone 4 in January! If iPhone comes out with Verizon in January will you be abandoning your current phone?READSimple Steps To Delete Apps On iPhone

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What Is Electrical Resistivity

Electrical Resistivity Definition: Electrical resistivity is the measure of how much a material resists carrying an electrical current.Electrical resistivity is denoted by the symbol Ï  and has SI units of ohm meter (ÃŽ ©m).

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Washington Vs. Roman Empire - 1648 Words

Throughout history civilizations have developed and advanced through the exchange of knowledge, as well as numerous other aspects. Even in contemporary day America, a myriad of aspects of the Roman Empire are reflected within Washington, which initially enabled the Roman Empire to be quite prosperous. The Roman Empire’s developments influenced Washington politically, as they impacted the perspectives of many political leaders and it allowed them to expand their power of the presidency to diverse branches of government, leading to numerous advancements in laws. Economically, Washington was concerned about tax revenues as well as establishing financial institutions, likewise to Rome. Culturally, Washington emulated the Roman Empires form of†¦show more content†¦For example, â€Å"We still use its alphabet, exploit its literary genres, inhabit its cities, preserve its architectural styles, and follow its schedule of holidays.† (Murphy 2). Here, one is able to iden tify that contemporary day America still possesses and develops upon a myriad of features of the Roman Empire. The educated elite within Rome impacted the perspectives and virtues of Americas Founding Fathers, as their values enabled them to fulfill their task. As seen here, â€Å"The educated elite of the thirteen-colonies were steeped in the Roman code of virtus†¦they held fast to their rustic virtues: sanctity of family, sobriety of conduct and demeanor, a stern sense of discipline†¦ Romans achieved their mission, divinely inspired, to rule the world†¦they were the values the Founding Fathers.† (6). Here, one is demonstrated that the perspectives of the Rome significantly influenced the outlook of Americas Founding Fathers, which allowed them to accomplish their tasks. Additionally, the advancements of the Roman Empire influenced America’s political leaders as well. For instance, â€Å"By the time Eisenhower reached San Francisco, sixty-two days late r, he understood that America needed what Rome had possessed, a network of good public roads. When he became president, he created the interstate highway system.† (13). Therefore, Rome’s advancements during the

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The Death Of A Sleeping Pill - 903 Words

Alternative Views: There are conflicting views on the use of stilnox as a sleeping aid and the use of sleeping aids as the amount of people that have died as result of these drugs is slowly increasing. In America, a study by Scribbs Health, a non-profit organisation, estimates that, â€Å"500,000 ‘excess deaths’ have been caused by taking drugs such as Ambien (American equivalent of stilnox) and Restoril†. These deaths are a result of two main factors, unconscious behaviours and suicide. Commiting suicide using a sleeping pill is the preferred method for women as it causes the metabolic pathways throughout the body to start shutting down. These systems include the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems and the result of such a widespread shut down is death. The drug is attributed with certain behaviours that occur while being unconscious. It has been reported by numerous patients that the drug results in sleep related behaviours such as, sleepwalking and has resulted in many deaths. Stilnox however can be beneficial to those that are effected by mental health issues and suffering from sleep deprivation. Sleep disturbance can be caused by numerous variables however, a main cause can be hormonal imbalance. Stilnox binds to receptors in the brain, which promotes drowsiness. In some cases it has also be found to improve the quality of life of some people that have been diagnosed with different mental disabilities. After administering the drug clear improvement can be seenShow MoreRelatedInsomnia Literature Review Essay1006 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Insomnia Insomnia affects almost half of adults living in America. (# 8, 2012) This is a shared sleeping disorder that many people across the universe are diagnosed with. Several causes of insomnia include exercising too much, stress, withdrawal from alcohol or a certain drug, physical circumstances, and diseases. People with insomnia usually have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, which causes people to have poor-quality sleep, which will affect their mood, energy, and productivenessRead MoreAbusing Prescription Medication. Prescription drug abuse has become a major epidemic across the1000 Words   |  4 Pagesinability to sit still). Prescriptions for sleeping medications reached 56 million in 2008, thats 54%more than in 2004, sleeping pills can be consumed for many reasons, 27% of Americans say reasons for sleeping issues are usually anxieties about personal finances, the economy or a job loss, adults are not the only people taking these medicines, 10-19 year old are the most common to use because of ADD medication, though 40% of adults will have sleeping problems occasionally, the medications can varyRead MoreSylvia Plath ´s Three Stages1081 Words   |  4 Pagesthis period from darkness to daylight is a representation of a long period of time for Sylvia Plath, stretching months. The poem can be separated into stages of my night, or a fragment of Plath’s life. The stages are dissatisfaction, depression and death. Sylvia Plath place the climax of this poem as the third stanza. From there, the stages decrease, until it reaches morning. In this presentation I will be giving my perspective of the poem acc ording to its’ stage and also analysing how Sylvia PlathRead MoreEffects And Effects Of Sleep Deprivation1286 Words   |  6 Pagessleep for six to eight hours at one time may be reduced (Van Dongen Dinges, Principles Practice of Sleep Medicine, 2000). Stress is the number one cause of short-term sleeping difficulties, according to sleep experts. Common triggers include school- or job-related pressures, a family or marriage problem and a serious illness or death in the family. Usually, the sleep problem disappears when the stressful situation passes. However, if short-term sleep problems such as insomnia arent managed properlyRead MoreThe Effects Of Sleep And Sleep Deprivation On The Body1267 Words   |  6 Pagesneed sleep and what happens if you are sleep deprived. Thesis: Sleep is crucial for any living creature and lacking an adequate amount of sleep is detrimental to health. Introduction Attention Getter: Many of us will spend about a third of our lives sleeping, yet don’t know why we need sleep or how important it is for the body. Did you know you can die faster from sleep deprivation than food deprivation. Credibility Statement: I am a person who suffers from sleep deprivation, I generally only have aboutRead MoreInsomnia Essay1353 Words   |  6 Pagestheir normal sleep rhythm spontaneously, but other become depressed and develop chronic insomnia (Winter 1). Some insomniacs have trouble sleeping due to an injury or near death experience that happened because they were drowsy. One sleepless night can cause a chain reaction of depression and exhaustion because the next night you might be worried about sleeping and will soon develop chronic insomnia. Many insomniacs try to hard to go to sleep. 2 They lie awake with thoughts buzzing around inRead MoreEssay on Critical Analysis of the Virgin Suicides812 Words   |  4 Pagesback on the suicides from an older age, and still are disturbed by the girls deaths. They narrate the story to describe the girls actions and motivations over the last year of their lives. Cecilia Lisbon is very different from the other Lisbon girls. She wore the same old cutoff wedding dress every day that she got at a thrift shop. She was the youngest, 13 years old. The book starts out explaining about her near death suicide attempt in the bathtub. This scene is very crucial to the story becauseRead MoreThe Death Of Marilyn Monroe2155 Words   |  9 PagesThe famous Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bed but was it suicide? It was a murder that was unsolved at the time of the death and spread through the news to become one of the most talked about murder mysteries. Was it really a mystery? Through an enormous amount of research and the analysis and synthesis of the victim, crime scene, suspicious behavior, and evidence, it is clear that the murderer has been identified. Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bedroom from a possible overdose on AugustRead MoreMarilyn Monroe s Life And Accomplishments1034 Words   |  5 Pagesanything or anyone else.† Marilyn knew what her life was when she gave up her life for her career. Following this will be the real life of Marilyn Monroe, what she went through in her childhood and her professional life, her career, her affair, her death, and her legacy. Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson) was born in Los Angeles, California on June 1st, 1926. Marilyn faced a difficult childhood; she spent most of her time in an orphanage. Marilyn’s mother, Gladys Pearl Baker was a film cutterRead MoreSylvia Plath was American short-story writer, poet and novelist that was born on October 27, 1932900 Words   |  4 Pageswith depression. She received electroshock therapy, which made her insomnia worse. They prescribed sleeping pills, but they did not work and was awake for three weeks straight. On August 24, 1953, Plath broke into her family lockbox and stole the sleeping pills. She wrote a note that she went on a long walk, but instead she had hidden under the porch and proceeded to take around forty sleeping pills. She was missing several days and was on the front page of several major newspapers trying to get people

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The Roles of a Counselor free essay sample

Mental Health counseling has become a wide area of study that is highly recommended to those who are unbalanced and in need of support. Today, clinical mental health counselors take on many responsibilities when giving services to their clients. Effective clinical mental health counselors acknowledge differences among people and seek to improve their competence with diverse populations (Gladding el at. , 2010). This is very important ,specifically for counselors who will work in America, because America is considered to be such a diverse country. With America being such a culturally diverse country, counselors must develop multicultural counseling competencies to treat effectively. According to Gladding and Newsome (2010), community and mental health counselors promote client well-being on multiple levels by providing prevention services and treatment for a wide range of clients. Counselors serve many roles, and are obligated to a great number of responsibilities, and must strive to maintain the professional ethics and moral codes they’ve ascribed to for the advocacy and well-being of their clients (American Counseling Association, 2005). A professional counselor’s first and foremost responsibility is to respect the dignity and promote the welfare of clients (American Counseling Association [ACA], 2005). Providing quality care without compromising ethical and legal concerns is a challenging but necessary goal for all counselors who work in managed care environments (Gladding, 2010). Another essential Smith 3 responsibility is building rapport with their clients. This allows the client to become comfortable with the counselor as well as helping both parties find a common ground, making conversation more natural. Although counselors have many responsibilities, they should first assure that clients are comfortable, respected, supported, and heard. Trust in these relationships is vital. It is the counselor’s responsibility to build a relationship of trust between the counselor and client from the very beginning in order for the client to feel comfortable about discussing their issues to an individual who they just met. Gathering information and getting their clients involved in the helping process will develop grounds for an effective treatment plan to be established that serves as the basis for the next phase of counseling. The counselor must be confident in assessing the client and developing a treatment plan that will be beneficial for the client. Once the rapport is well established, the therapeutic process can begin . It is also imperative that counselors follow the code of ethics established by the American Mental Health Counselors Association. The roles that mental health counselors fill are to promote mental health wellness through awareness, prevention, intervention, and treatment. Excellent counselors are trained to assess and diagnose, as well as, provide crisis intervention and work with individuals, groups, couples, and families† (Gladding Newsome, 2010). Counselors are also required to provide services beyond crisis intervention, prevention, advocacy, and evaluation. Awareness must be taken into consideration of the environment in which ounseling services are being rendered such as the comfort ability of the room which does have a major effect on how the client may respond to counseling. Color schemes, furniture, room accessories, lighting, room temperature, confidentiality are all key factor to remember when decorating office. A counselor should take Smith 4 on the responsibility to make the room feel comfortable, â€Å"home-like†, and relaxing as possible and they might seek consultation to do so. Among their other responsibilities, counselors must maintain well-kept records of the counseling activities and client’s progress. This is a key component of working effectively with clients. Accurate documentation is benefits both the counselor and their client. Keeping accurate professional records facilitates the provision of quality services to clients and provides self protection for the counselor and ensures that state and federal guidelines are being followed. According to Gladding and Newsome, some of the other roles of counselors are: outpatient counseling services, day programs, emergency services/crisis intervention, substance abuse services, case management and outreach, education and consultation, residential programs, and inpatient services. Their responsibilities, demands, and functions may then include: client assessment and diagnosis, crisis intervention and prevention, treatment design and implementation. This will also give more experience in seeing that the counselor will be working with all populations including children, adolescents, and adults in individuals, group, and family settings. The key to being an effective practitioner, especially in today’s diverse climate, includes an awareness and understanding of the client’s particular identity, influences and contributions of their unique culture, age, religion, and other related factors such as family influences and values, and even their socioeconomic status in relationship as to how the client has perceived those experiences and influences. As stated before, multicultural competency is an essential skill needed to ensure effective practice in counseling; lacking the awareness to the Smith 5 specific needs and cultural issues that clients face can ultimately lead to negative outcomes. This is why some counselors research the background of their clients and seek consultation when doing assessments or sending the client to a psychiatrist for a psychological exam. According to the ACA code of ethics, counselors have the responsibility to seek knowledge about different racial and ethnic groups, so that they are effectively able to work with these clients (ACA, 2005). Counselors have the responsibility to remain educated in the changing trends of society’s needs, including the vast diversity that is found in the United States so that the counselor truly understand the client’s background history prior to developing a plan for wellness. A competent counselor provides an effective relationship, respect for the client, empathic understanding, and the communication of empathy respect, and genuineness to the client. The counselor might consult with the client about any concerns before starting services to ensure of these things. There are several national and state policies that help regulate and pay for mental health service throughout the United States. Since January 2011, the provisions and regulations of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act have been in effect, requiring group health insurance plans (those with more than 50 insured employees) that offer coverage for mental illness and substance use disorders to provide those benefits in no more restrictive way than all other medical and surgical procedures covered by the plan. While the act does not require group health plans to cover mental health (MH) and substance use disorder (SUD) benefits but, when plans do cover these benefits, MH and SUD benefits must be covered at levels that are no Smith 6 lower and with treatment limitations that are no more restrictive than would be the case for the other medical and surgical benefits offered by the plan (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, n. d. I currently am a resident in the state of Georgia and the public policy which governs the service delivery for mental health clients has been identified as the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. This agency began its operating position in July of 2009 after the Governor began networking with the General Assembly to reform the overall dynamics of mental health and addictive disease services in the state of Georgia. According to the DBHDD website, the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities operates seven regional state hospitals while providing and overseeing community based services across the state. The agency provides funds for services in the area of mobile crisis for children and adults, ACT Teams that can be described as a hospital without walls, group homes, and stabilization programs. The website (gabdhdd. policystat. com) describes community based programs is to serve people as close to home as possible in the least restrictive setting. The philosophy behind this principle is that individuals can draw from natural supports such as family, church, neighbors, schools and other community activities with the help of mental health counselors to avoid jail, hospital, and other forms of institutions. The aforementioned entity remains governed under the (2010) Georgia Code title 37-Mental Health (State Law). According to chapter 1 Article 2 (section 37-1-20) the obligations of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (5) Have authority to contract Smith 7 or services with community service boards, private agencies, and other public entities for the provision of services within a service area so as to provide an adequate array of services and choice of providers for consumers and to comply with the applicable federal laws and rules and regulations related to public or private hospitals; hospital authorities; medical schools and training and educational institutions; departments and agencies of this state; county or municipal governments; any person, partnership, corporation, or association, whether public or private; and the United States government or the government of any other state. Besides the aforementioned, the entire Article (2) is dedicated to the improvement of mental health services the empowerment of clients to a level of self sufficiency and self management. There are several public policies that have impacted the quality of services given when dealing with mental health. There are a number of state grants/programs that help adults with low income and no insurance get the services they need. These programs in Georgia such as Peach Care, Fee for Services, Medicaid, etc help pay for more people that are not in the middle class or high society to get help that would not be ble to afford it if these programs weren’t in place. DBHDD is a covered entity as defined in, and as governed by, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and its regulations (HIPAA). This policy is therefore applicable to any facility or program that is a part of DBHDD, including the state office, regional offices, state operated DBHDD hospitals and any sta te operated community programs (DBHDD 2011). Georgia is very good about building programs and systems to help people with mental illnesses become more socially advanced and progressed. The state also helps them find Smith 8 housing, enroll in educational programs, and find employment. The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network works with the state to ensure that consumers can successfully live in their communities by advocating for employment support, housing and peer support. Programs like this assist mental health counselors in their role of getting the client active and involved to complete their treatment plans successfully and maintain the kind of life they wish to. The responsibility of the counselor is to promote wellness and prevention, actively recognize diversity issues, provide comprehensive services, and provide continual care (Gladding Newsome, 2010). An effective counselor must balance all of their responsibilities in order to sufficiently fulfill the roles they play in their client’s lives and treatment. The counselors must remain professional at all times, respectful, honest, and tactful with the clients. It creates a healthy and therapeutic relationship with the client.